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Whether you need cash for an exotic vacation or to finally get that app idea off the ground, we can help with an affordable personal loan.

  • Competitive rates for a wide variety of personal needs:
    • Vehicle repairs or updates
    • Family vacation
    • Weddings
    • Personal projects or startups
    • And much more!
  • Repayment terms customized to fit your unique needs
  • Local decision-making and processing in the North Bay
  • Friendly, experienced loan advisors to guide you through the process
Share Secured vs. Signature Loans

Share Secured Loans

A share secured loan is a great way to build your credit history. This loan uses your share account as collateral, so as payments are made on principal, this will release the amount available to shares. 

Signature Loans

A signature loan is an unsecured loan. With a fixed rate and term, it’s a great way to pay off high-interest credit cards or other loans. 

Not sure which loan is right for you? Reach out to one of our loan advisors today — we’ll help you find the right financing for your needs.