Cannabis Banking. Simplified.

Since 2017, North Bay Credit Union (NBCU), and its cannabis banking subsidiary, Greenbax Marketplace Inc., have been advocates and trusted partners for the Cannabis Industry. 

Greenbax Marketplace provides cannabis and CBD businesses with banking solutions that are affordable and compliant. 

It’s important that you can run your business with a one-stop solution for payments & banking:

  • Low monthly account rates 
  • Get Paid Faster: Accept payments in-store, delivery, or online 
  • Ability to make ACH and Wire payments  
  • Real Support: All GBX accounts have a dedicated Account Manager 
  • Earn interest on your funds  
  • Debit Cards

Plus, you have the assurance of the NBCU reputation and a customer support team that is always available to help you navigate and grow your business. 

Together we will grow great things.

Applications can be processed in as little as 5 days.