From Tooth Fairy to Super Saver

Introducing Youth Savings Accounts




The average cash gift from the Tooth Fairy is $5.50. We did the math (it's our thing) and that's over $100 per child. We knew we needed to help them get their teeth into a better way to save it.

Our new Youth Savings Account lets kids put some of their hard-earned money into an account that pays 2.02% APY! You'll also help them learn great savings habits and understand the value of money.

  • Earns 2.02% APY on balances up to $5,000
  • Available to youth age 16 or younger (parents must be joint account holders)
  • Kids can use Online Banking to see their savings grow
  • Encourage kids to save part of their chores and gift money

Open Youth Savings Accounts for the kids in your life. Questions? Contact us or stop by any branch today.