We're seeking volunteers

We are seeking volunteer applicants to join the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee of your member-owned financial cooperative. Our Board of Directors helps set our financial direction and determine policies, while the Supervisory Committee monitors our operations to ensure compliance with regulations.

Each volunteer is asked to contribute up to 10 hours per month of time to complete volunteer responsibilities.

For details, please contact Board Chair Mike Tramontin at [email protected].  

Applications will be accepted until March 15, 2024 for the three-year terms. Directors are elected at our Annual Meeting on March 28, 2024, at 11 am in our Santa Rosa branch.

5% APY on checking?

Chances are your checking account won't pay you 5% APY. Our Kasasa Rewards Checking does. It's also 100% free with no strings attached. Any ATM can be a free ATM, and best of all, you choose your reward for qualifying months:

  • Earn 5% APY on balances up to $10,000 OR
  • Get 3% Cash Back on debit card purchases OR
  • Enjoy monthly credits at iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play

And when you bank with us, you’re keeping your money invested in our local community. 

Learn more and open your account online in minutes.

Member-only discounts

North Bay Credit Union members get the best savings this tax season. Plus, enter for a chance to win $10,000 from Love My Credit Union Rewards.

Intuit TurboTax
Up to 20% off TurboTax federal products when you sign up or log in using this link.

H&R Block
Savings of up to $25 on professional tax prep services. Provide this coupon to your H&R Block tax pro to get your member discount.

A chance to win $10,00
Click here to enter for a chance to win a $1,000 monthly prize and $10,000 Grand Prize in the Love My Credit Union Rewards Tax Time Sweepstakes.

Gift cards = fraud magnet

According to the Federal Trade Commission, Americans were duped out of $27 billion in gift card fraud between 2013 and 2022 — with $1 billion in gift card fraud at Walmart alone!

Click to learn how thieves do it, and why gift card fraud is so attractive to them since it can’t be traced.

Think you’re immune from gift card fraud? Remember that scammers are always trying new and more sophisticated tactics to trick you with gift cards.

Bottom line: Always assume anyone suggesting or demanding gift cards for payment is likely a scam.
Image credit: ProPublica

4 reasons to switch to eStatements

Members love our safe and secure eStatements. If you’ve been holding out on switching, we’ve got four good reasons you should switch:

1. Less clutter
Who needs more paper in their life? Keeping files full of statements takes up space and takes up your time. Our eStatements are all stored securely online, available to you anytime you need them. And if you just must have a paper copy, you can always download and print a copy.

2. More secure
Mailed paper statements can be lost or stolen while in transit. If someone were to steal your statement, they would have access to your personal information. eStatements are only accessible through our secure Home Banking portal, protected by your login credentials.

3. Much faster
When statements are mailed, it can take days to reach you. eStatements are available to you immediately so you can review your account information faster.

4. Earth-friendly
Eliminating the need to print and mail statements reduces the amount of trees destroyed to make paper and energy to deliver them, making eStatements much better for our environment.

Ready to switch?

Log in to Online Banking and click on "Statements and Documents" to sign up for eStatements. Contact us with any questions — we're here to help.

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