Built for People — Not Profits

North Bay Credit Union offers terrific benefits for our members! Since 1948 we have distinguished ourselves as a Credit Union that cares about its members. We offer the same products and conveniences as a big bank, but it is our exceptional service to every member who walks through our door that sets us apart from the rest. 

As a member, you are a part owner of North Bay Credit Union. We are here for you and work to please our members! Our charter requires us to return excess earnings back to our members in the form of higher dividend rates, lower loan rates, no fee services, as well as scholarships, grants, and low interest ag loans for our youth. Our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee are volunteers from the local community who help make policies and decisions for the Credit Union and are voted in by the Credit Union members.

By switching your banking to North Bay Credit Union, you will directly contribute to the local economy of Sonoma County. All residents of Sonoma County are eligible for membership. Switch today! 

Here are just a few exclusives we offer our members:

Youth Ag Loans

Our credit union was originally founded to serve the agriculture community. Although we have expanded beyond that original charter, we remain very involved with agricultural youth programs. We offer scholarships to graduating seniors and continuing college students, grants to 4-H and FFA groups looking for funding, and our low interest ag loans to help our 4-H and FFA members finance their market projects for the county fair.

Higher Dividends

When looking for a checking or savings account that earns more, Ask for Kasasa®. These accounts, available exclusively through credit unions and community banks, pay cash rewards just for doing simple things — like using online banking and a debit card. 

Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance from American Modern Insurance Company can protect you — and your wallet — against costly accidents and illnesses to your pet by reimbursing you for expensive veterinary and emergency bills. Rates are based on species, breed, gender, and age of pet. Discounts are given for spay/neuter, multi-pet, and being a North Bay Credit Union member! Get a quote to protect your pet today.